Have you ever been “at peace with the world”?

Or perhaps been “in the zone”?  Or when everything seemed to fall into place?

If you have, … then I bet that these experiences have been “short lived”.

Most people equate enlightenment to being “AWAKENED” – and since there are very little awakened people in this world, then most of us must be ‘asleep’!

There is a theory that all of us have the programing to become ‘fully awake’ – but we only rarely tap into it. This is simply because we are mesmerised by the realities of this world.

What if you can become ‘permanently awake’ ?    What would it feel like?

Before you embark on the journey to the top level of enlightenment, would you like to have some insights of : “What is it like on the other side?”…


My Story

50 did not feel very old.

But does it take 50 years of living before a person takes any interest in what happens in the next 50?  Because, chances are that you will most probably die in the second 50….

I was a bit worried. Not stressed out – but still felt caught in a rut and trying many things to achieve ‘success’ in life.

I had abandoned a 25 year career to take up ownership of a small roofing business and I was hopeless at it.  And still hooked on the notion of “retire at 65 and live happily ever after…”

So I was picking up every shining object that gurus in the seminar world were handing out – hoping that I would eventually find a scheme that would stick …. And I would make it rich!

Those of you that have been down this path will probably relate. These shining objects took more money out of my pocket than it put in. It was a downward spiral.

I am an avid competition bicycle racer.  I must admit that I could get ‘into the zone’ a lot easier while racing my bicycle than during any other part of my life. 

So, why couldn’t I get good at my life like I was good on the bike?

I was 50. Whilst I was in pretty good shape physically. My hair was beginning to fall out and I eyesight was getting out of wack. I had to get prescription glasses. And I happened to come across a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses that I could put prescription lenses on. These glasses were polarised.

Simple optics can modify light waves and  allow me to see things ‘in a different light’.

This is what the book “Busting Loose from the Money Game” was for me. Apparently, money (and life itself) was ‘an illusion’. And I was seeing things differently.

I followed the Author and his life journey and slowly but surely, I got sucked into the “Rabbit Hole”…

I will be 60 this year (2017).

Has magic happened in the last 10 years?   

Am I the same person?

Is life better?

What happens from here?

… These will be the stories that I will slowly drip feed on this blog.  Not to convince anybody that I “have arrived” – but instead just to document my journey to myself.



Why so many cycling type Blogs?

I was never a writer.

But I love my cycling. And years ago, I was asked to contribute to a weekly newsletter called ‘TEMPO’ that my cycling club (Waratah Masters Cycling Club) published.

And because this was during the time that I was down the ‘Rabbit Hole” – I wrote about how I saw things from a cycling perspective as I was slowing waking up to myself.

So, you will find that all my cycling blogs are over a year old ( Tempo ceased publication in August 2015).

There are many gems that can be mined from these old articles. They are for you to ponder over…..

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