Memories are precious
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When you get to 60… how many more birthdays do you have?

Jack Yuen Jul 9 2017
broken galaxy s7 in jersey pocket
bicycle Racing

How NOT to carry a phone in your cycling jersey pocket.

Jack Yuen Mar 3 2017
bicycle Racingenlightenment

Value – not to be confused with money.

Jack Yuen Aug 16 2015
bicycle Racingenlightenment

It does not matter what you do – you will piss someone off

Jack Yuen Jul 22 2015

Getting older? Why bother?

Jack Yuen Jul 10 2015
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I just turned 58. At this stage in our lives, most people will look at life as “Been there…Done that”. After all, the reason the government made 60 the retirement age when we entered the industrialised age, was that we only had a 65 year life span. These days, we are expected to go…(Read More)