Memories are precious
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When you get to 60… how many more birthdays do you have?

Jack Yuen Jul 9 2017
broken galaxy s7 in jersey pocket
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How NOT to carry a phone in your cycling jersey pocket.

Jack Yuen Mar 3 2017
bicycle Racingenlightenment

Value – not to be confused with money.

Jack Yuen Aug 16 2015
bicycle Racingenlightenment

It does not matter what you do – you will piss someone off

Jack Yuen Jul 22 2015

Getting older? Why bother?

Jack Yuen Jul 10 2015
Posts From the monthly archives: "April 2015"

It was a feeling of mounting panic. The area just below the heart felt like hardening concrete and all my limbs felt heavy. My mind was racing off into many directions and refused all efforts of reining in. Nothing felt right… This was the onset of my anxiety attack. Life serves up moments. Like the…(Read More)

The Case for going forward.

It felt like hours – but it was probably only 10 minutes. I was strapped down and the air was getting stuffy. I could see the world moving about through the tiny circular window beside me. But I was stuck where I was – going nowhere. Finally the pilot’s announcement put me out of my…(Read More)

Is this how we keep score?

Fairness and justice is pure fiction. Every few weeks, I take up the role of ‘commissaire’ on a Sunday club race. My job is to ensure that the racing is fair and safe. And this tends to result in my hearing of complaints post-race about rider behaviour. And I am supposed to keep scores…(Read More)