Memories are precious
bicycle Racingenlightenment

When you get to 60… how many more birthdays do you have?

Jack Yuen Jul 9 2017
broken galaxy s7 in jersey pocket
bicycle Racing

How NOT to carry a phone in your cycling jersey pocket.

Jack Yuen Mar 3 2017
bicycle Racingenlightenment

Value – not to be confused with money.

Jack Yuen Aug 16 2015
bicycle Racingenlightenment

It does not matter what you do – you will piss someone off

Jack Yuen Jul 22 2015

Getting older? Why bother?

Jack Yuen Jul 10 2015
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Winning in the odds game

In my business, we replace roofs. A week or so ago, we stripped old terracotta roof tiles off a roof in preparation for the installation of a new colorbond metal roof. My guys make a bit of an early morning racket by proceeding to strip the old roof tiles off and chucking them a fair…(Read More)

The most common way to measure

There is a lot of measuring on a roof – so, my workers will answer “…with a Stanley 8 metre tape…” If a life coach asked you this question, it may take a while for you to compose an answer. There are many ways in which a life can be measured. Age. The number of…(Read More)