Memories are precious
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When you get to 60… how many more birthdays do you have?

Jack Yuen Jul 9 2017
broken galaxy s7 in jersey pocket
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How NOT to carry a phone in your cycling jersey pocket.

Jack Yuen Mar 3 2017
bicycle Racingenlightenment

Value – not to be confused with money.

Jack Yuen Aug 16 2015
bicycle Racingenlightenment

It does not matter what you do – you will piss someone off

Jack Yuen Jul 22 2015

Getting older? Why bother?

Jack Yuen Jul 10 2015
Posts From the monthly archives: "May 2013"
Shopping in KL

I am writing this from KL, Malaysia. We went site seeing last night – but that was the ‘envelope’ motive. The underlying reason was to shop. Lucky that shops here close at 10pm – or the night would have been very long. Our trek across Malaysia once again exposed the fabric of 21st century living…(Read More)

Campag gear shift paddle

I virtually grew up on Campag gear levers. So my initiation to Shimano with the Ultegra Di2 system has been a little bit challenging. Those of you who know the Campag system will recognise that the shift paddle behind the brake lever throws the chain into a bigger cog- whether it is the chain ring…(Read More)

Is the money going in or coming out?

My wife regularly tells me stories of how she saves me money. Most of us have garages full of bikes and spares/accessories. And our wives have large wardrobes and shoe cupboards. So, my dear wife will tell me a story of how she saved $150. ‘…I saw this pair of stunning shoes that was…(Read More)

  Why do lottery winners eventually lose all their winnings?:Old dogs never learn new tricks? And old habits die hard? …And as Max asked me last week, why did I come back racing straight into A grade instead of starting off with his F graders? The cycling veterans will tell you that you dress in…(Read More)