What is enlightenment?

I have found that there are many levels of enlightenment. But there is only one level that enables a person to answer the question “ What the F#*K am I doing here”.

Enlightenment in its simplest form is “to be able to be your own person”.    Thus, basic enlightenment means that you are free from the control of external factors – be it other people, places or things.

So, are you enlightened?
It you have a facebook account that you use to update your status, then I would suggest that you are no where near enlightenment at the most basic level.   We live in a world of social interaction.   And it is bloody hard to free yourself from everything that is happening outside you.

If it is such a difficult (and maybe futile?) quest, why would you seek this thing called enlightenment?    And what form of enlightenment would you be looking for?
Because, enlightenment goes up a few levels from the most basic one…

And why would you want to be enlightened anyway (even if the perceived benefits are ‘out of this world’)?  
And because the world subscribes to the 80/20 rule, only about 20% of the world’s population will get close to the enlightened state anyway… even if 100% of the world tried to.

And if only a small percentage of the world’s population went searching for enlightenment… and only 20% get close, enlightened people would be very uncommon.

If you are one of the small minority on a journey to the ultimate level of enlightenment, then my story will be very supportive. Otherwise, you can just tune out……….


My quest for enlightenment began with no lofty ambitions. I just wanted to learn how to make more money and not to lose it!
Then I fell into “The Rabbit Hole” (as in Alice in Wonderland).

This personal blog is a little bit about what happened when I was in the rabbit hole – but a lot more about how I see things when I got out the other side…